Which friend pairs best with Traeger's Apricot and Habanero seasoning? Read the blog to find the best chicken wing sauce for every friend.

Find your friends' best chicken wing flavors

There's a perfect chicken wing flavor for every person watching the big game. Find your friends in the list below and their best chicken wing flavors.

The “Buffalo wings are too spicy for me” guest: Traeger’s Jalapeno and Lime Hot Sauce is a walk on the mild side. Don’t let the label deter you. This hot sauce is tart, bright and mild enough to use as a salsa with your favorite tortilla chips.



The one who only drinks sweet wine: The playbook says heat loves sweet. Sweet riesling pairs perfectly with Apple Habanero BBQ Glaze by Kosmos Q. A sweet moscato would be another good habanero tamer. 


For the Iowa fans: Enjoy a Herky Perky chicken wing while cheering on former Iowa Hawkeye George Kittle, now a player for the 49ers.

Herky Perky and Cy Salt, seasonings made in Iowa and great on chicken wings.

For the Cyclone fans: Eat Cy Salt wings while cheering for 49er and former Iowa State Cyclone Brock Purdy. 

The friend who orders extra peppers at the Mexican restaurant: Pineapple Heat BBQ Glaze by Kosmos Q is for experienced heat-seekers. Scorpion peppers are the real deal! 


The blue cheese-lover (or bleu cheese if your friend’s a real fromage snob): Kickin’ Cajun Wing Dust by Kosmos Q is a nod to Bourbon Street, complete with powdered blue cheese that melts onto your wings just before eating.

The Buffalo wing traditionalist: Traeger Original Hot Sauce tastes similar to Frank’s. Mix it with some melted butter and then toss your wings in. Voila! Traditional Buffalo wings.



The traditionalist who doesn’t like messy hands: Buffalo Wing Dust by Kosmos Q is less messy than traditional Buffalo wings, with all the flavor and richness you expect from a sauce. Sprinkle a layer onto hot, unseasoned chicken wings just before serving. It’ll melt into a beautiful, not-so-messy coating. You’ll still need a napkin, but not a wet nap.

The guest most likely to rip their shirt off like that “other brother”: A four-pack of beer-infused rubs appeals to football-loving carnivores, a.k.a. Midwestern dads.

The one who loves pickles: Jazz up ranch dip with Pickle Hot Sauce by The Pickle House. For pickle flavor without heat, go for plain Dill Pickle Sauce. If your guest has a pickle craving, they can use it straight as a wing sauce.

Chicken wings with Pickle Hot Sauce

The guests 17 and younger: Honey BBQ Wing Dust tastes like a cross between a Lay’s barbecue potato chip and KCF popcorn chicken drizzled in honey. It’s our most popular seasoning among kids and adults. 

The one watching Tay cheer for her boyfriend: Traeger’s Kansas City-style bbq sauce, Sugar Lips, could be a nod to the mega-star’s iconic red lipstick. Did Traeger know something before the rest of us? Ponder the possibility while eating a perfectly glazed Sugar Lips chicken wing.


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