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Graza "Drizzle" fine extra virgin olive oil

Graza "Drizzle" fine extra virgin olive oil

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Like a sprinkle of flaky salt or the squeeze of a good condiment, Drizzle adds a big pop of flavor right before you dig in. (That’s why it’s called a finishing oil!)

Drizzle is an early harvest extra virgin olive oil.

What exactly does that mean? The harvest season in Spain goes from October to January. Drizzle is harvested in the first 2 weeks of October when the olives are very small, hard and green. When pressed, these tiny hard olives yield a very small amount of oil.

That oil is super concentrated and packed with flavor, which is why we recommend eating it raw, like a condiment.

Some ways we love to use Drizzle oil:

  • Just before eating homemade, Italian-style pizza
  • As a flavorful salad dressing  (one squeeze of lemon juice, twice as much oil, salt and pepper to taste)
  • Garlic bread (toast your bread first, shake on Garlic Garlic seasoning and then Drizzle or dip into this amazing high-quality oil)
  • Thinly slice veggies, Drizzle and add a pinch of large, flaky salt

What makes Drizzle special?

Most olive oil in the U.S. is blended from old, low quality oils. But across the ocean, people are using fresh, never-blended olive oil by the gallon. Graza is that olive oil. It's pressed from 100% Picual olives from Jaen, Spain, the region where over half the world’s olive oil is produced. 

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