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Caputo GF flour - Perfect Italian blend - Love pizza again

Caputo GF flour - Perfect Italian blend - Love pizza again

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Caputo Gluten-Free "Fioreglut" is perfect for making your own GF pizza dough, focaccia and more. The package includes measurements and directions so your dough turns out perfectly every time.

If you feel disappointed and let down by every other gluten-free crust, give Caputo a chance. Hardon's Outdoor co-founder, Danielle, went GF years ago and swears by this blend. She is finally able to love pizza again. You can love pizza again, too. 

Tips for success:

  • Follow package instructions.
  • Use good Caputo yeast.
  • Weigh ingredients using a kitchen scale like Ooni's digital platform dual scale. It weighs fine ingredients like yeast and salt, accurately. 
  • This dough is more tender than traditional dough and won't stretch. It feels more like a thick, raised, but not sticky batter. Gently spread and push it into shape rather than stretching. (Don't worry - the finished pizza has a "normal" crust texture.)
  • Follow cooking instructions. This dough cooks best in a pizza oven that gets hotter than your home oven, but not at 900 degrees. 


  • Recipes for pizza and focaccia on the bag.
  • Dough can be balled, frozen and thawed.
  • Enough for multiple pizza nights. 33 servings per bag - great value!
  • 2.2lb net wt.
  • From Naples, Italy, the birthplace of pizza.

You should know:

  • Always read the package ingredient label before consuming. Information could change from images posted here.
  • Caputo states this flour is "specially formulated for people intolerant to gluten." It includes Gluten-Free wheat starch. 

Product photos courtesy Ooni.

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